"It's more than raising money. A successful approach to "making the call" will

1) energize those involved - board, staff, volunteers, and donors,

2) give confidence and experience to new generations of leaders, and

3) elevate a community's sense of what it is capable of accomplishing."

- from Building A Better Ask

Non-Profit Consulting Services

Susan Palmer Leading Fundraising Workshop

The Palmer Westport Group serves non-profits and arts organizations large and small.  Our services include capital campaigns with a particular focus on historic restorations and new construction projects; developing and planning new fundraising initiatives including major gifts; as well as special events and festivals.

Our range of experience and expertise includes:

  • Fundraising Feasibility
  • Campaign Team Building
  • Prospect Research
  • Fundraising Skill Building
  • Program Development
  • Long Range Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Project Management
  • Annual Appeals
  • Solicitor Training

Because of our actual hands on experience working in leadership positions in successful non-profit organizations, we are especially able to provide valuable insight to the most challenging of all projects and initiatives, those driven by a group of dedicated volunteers - with little or no staff to support them. Many consultants are lacking actual hands on experience leading a successful non-profit organization. This gap puts them “out of the loop” when trying to understand issues and provide relevant counsel in a real world environment.

Our successful track record speaks for itself. For more information about how we can help you, call 413-297-3619.